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Fake News vs Older Americans

In my Professional and Technical Writing course, we were given the ability to choose a problem that needed to be solved and create a project from that. I had noticed a large amount of seniors/older people were especially susceptible to fake news, and I wanted to explore ways to reach out to them and assist them with this issue.

For this project, I was able to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research on a smaller scale which I used to write a formal recommendation memo. Then, we were put into groups and I led my group in repurposing my work and creating a product that would effectively solve the problem. We came up with a flyer that would be easy and simple for seniors to use and could be spread easily without technology since many seniors prefer offline advertising

This was my formal introduction to researching and writing reports, and I learned a lot of technical skills from this. If I could go back and do one thing differently, I would redesign the flyer to be less wordy. Since this class was only designed for a short-term project, I would also love more time to conduct research on the effectiveness of this flyer.

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