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COVID-19 and Gyms

This was a project done in my Marketing Research class in the Fall of 2020. We had to identify a topic to do research on as a group and we worked over the whole semester to do different forms of research and come up with Marketing Recommendations at the end. We chose to investigate attendance at gyms before and after COVID-19, specifically the gyms in our college town of Pullman, in order to figure out how gyms can improve in these times.

My favorite part of this project was being able to conduct research in the form of surveys, in-depth interviews, etc. We also were able to conduct hypothesis tests and Chi-square tests to find correlations between variables. One thing I would change is my group dynamic. We were uncoordinated, partially due to a lack of leadership. If I could go back I would step up to be a leader and I think the project would have run much smoother.

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