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All About Me

I majored in Marketing at Washington State University and I am especially interested in digital and social media marketing. I was a Running Start student in high school which allowed me to earn my Associates Degree at 18! I graduated at the age of 20 with my Bachelor's degree, a huge accomplishment. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to start gaining professional experience and networking so early on in my life. I was also just nominated as the 2022 Young Professional of the Year by the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce for the work I do in my current position! This is a great accomplishment for me in my first year with professional experience.

My experience in customer service has given me a unique perspective on consumers and how they think. This helps me create social media content, interact with clients, and form relationships with other local businesses. Recently, my work has shown me how much I love working for nonprofits and growing their mission! Corporate social responsibility is one of the most overlooked yet impactful practices for a business, especially in a small community. It can make or break the success of a business.

My career goal is to work in event planning and marketing for a nonprofit involving rescue animals or gender equality. I want to eventually work at a marketing agency to build up my skills in order for me to accomplish my goal. I would love to get my Master's in nonprofit leadership and start my own nonprofit someday.

My life these past few years has shown me that you can never really plan for anything! For example, I'm working in insurance right now, something I thought I'd never do, but thankfully it has taught me to be open to any opportunity that comes my way. Thank you for reading! Contact me for more info.

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